okay, for you sheltered ones: FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions.

note: if u'r wondering what is or where " email flukes " went, just click on that link.

and since this is about mail, here's an interesting thing that was sent to me. u can get to it by visiting my "soap box" section, or by clicking here .

Now onto the FAQ i get on email (or ICQ and IM)...

Can you please link me? THANK YOU!

there is now an ingenious method to get your site linked from mine:
it's called " free-for-all links "...have fun.

(psst, i can't really regulate anyhing, but it'd be nice if u link my site in return ;o)

What do I have to do to get you to host my story? (Or) When will you put my chapters up?
suggestion--read my story hosting rules . i clearly state my requirements.
they also include things about updating
as soon i get chapters in my inbox;
putting them online is on my to-do list for the next time i update this site.

it might be your luck that "next time" means the next day...or it might be the next week...or month.
the story WILL get online, just not in the blink of an eye.
Why won't you reply???
all i can say is check the email flukes page b4 yelling at me. i've also had problem when crosswinds went funky on me and email and i couldn't get email from time to time...
otherwise, i'm quite busy. i will
always reply to u, got that? even if u don't get my answer the next day, breathe... i'll get to it. even if my email gets messed for a month or two--i will reply to u once it's fixed (unless, your messages got deleted, and/or i never received them, that is)
Can you write a story for me? I want the characters to be.../ I look like...(OR) Would u finish this story for me? so far...
just when i finished venting about time...*sigh*...
it's sweet if u think i'm a good enough writer to write/finish a story for you, but i will most probably decline such a request.
remember this, please.

Dear Backstreet Boys: My Name is ___. I love you so much. I'm your #1 fan. Can you write to me? My birthday is coming up soon; can you visit? Please? I live at...
okay...HOLD IT!!!
that is a generic message, one of many i get everyday...
can i emphasize that
i am NOT the BSB !?
i don't know why people think i am. this is insane.
and no, i don't know them either. i wish i did, really.

i could go on...ugh...but 'nuff said.
Can I host your story "(insert story name here)" on my site?
i've been through this many times with people. it sorta goes with how i don't host people if their story is somewhere else...what is the point ?? if a story is posted somewhere on the net, why bother putting it up again!?...and again ?! i don't understand people sometimes. why have 20 billion copies of one story scattered over the internet? i've seen it done, but i never understood why .
link my story, yes, of course u may--I'm glad u liked it that much! but host it? no . i see no point in doing such a thing, period.

When are you going to update?!?!?!!??
as hard as it may be to comprehend, and i hate to break it to you...
do have a life apart from this dear site of mine.
maintaining a website requires a lot of patience...and TIME.
time, time, time, time, time... TIME.
did i mention time ?
when there is no time, i don't update.
when there is, i do.
it's as simple as that.

and about stories - i'm always writing one. whether it's up online, or not, there is one. i may choose to put them up as they progress, or keep them offline until they are completely finished. writing requires inspiration as well as time, too. it's not too easy to sit down in front of the computer and produce a chapter a night. that's no way near possible for me. i'm fine if u ask about them, wondering about updates sometimes, cuz it shows interest; it shows me that there's a reason to keep this site up. but when a person persists and seems not able to understand that i don't and cannot live in front of my computer 24/7, it gets to be a hassle.

Can you help me start my own webpage?
i'm honestly flattered everytime someone asks me this.
i mean, my site is actually good enough for ppl to think i'm a good webmistress!? *sniff*
but there's a problem--i feel bad replying to these emails because my answer will always be "sorry, but i can't help u..."
do u know why?
well, for one, there's the whole TIME thing...but i think i've yelled about that enough.
and anyway, it's hard enough to talk to my friends on the phone or in person about html/website stuff without getting each other confused... so how am i supposed to do it solely over the interent with only typing as the form of communication??? i don't think so.
believe me, i've tried ot b4; i'm not trying to back out of something i don't know about...it just doesn't work.
little things i can try and help with, yes, but helping u start from scratch...i can't, and i won't.
xoom, angelfire, and all those other places prolly have website help for beginners anyhow - i know geocities did, at least [that's where i started]
i've have this site for over 3 years, and i'm still learning new things. many by trial and error...
yet, do u notice there aren't any cool java script pop-up windows or funky frames, or anything really fancy?
i wonder why...think about about it.
i don't wanna sound harsh, but i cannot help you start a whole website from scratch, period....so please stop asking me! ::cries::

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