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September 28, 2006
wow, it's been a year!
note - it breaks my heart that kevin left the group, but it's wonderful that they promise that they're back in the studio and not replacing him =)
about the lack of updates, my utter apologies. last year was crazy...i do promise that i was planning to update this summer (most of the files are almost ready) but things still got in the way. presently, my internet connect isn't the best (keeps cutting in and out) so there's no way i could update right now if i wanted to. i'll have to wait till it gets fixed.
i did make some little changes - i got emails about some links not working due to the move from aihtg.crosswinds.net to i-still.net...everything should forward  to the correct url (albeit with an annoying frame sometimes) but if it doesnt work at all, please let me know! it'll be a huge task to fix 1000's of links, but i will get it all done eventually!
and i AM still paying for this site...even if it looks like i abanonded it and just left it for archival purposes. i haven't!!
that said - future updates so far will have new lyrics (i found a LOT of the non album tracks for never gone, finally), and pictures for the "picture perfect" section of the humor area....do i have any requests? suggestions? just email me (sv at i-still.net) and i'll see what i can do!!

September 28, 2005
hot damn, yes, the site name has been changed...
honestly, i didn't want to do it!
long story short, my host (crosswinds.net) gave an ultamatum of creating a new account on more stable servers, or losing my site...SO...you can see what i picked. *sigh* "aihtg" has been with me for SO long!
that said...i'm in the middle of midterms and had to go changing links and moving stuff last minute. i know i've forgotten a LOT...if something doesn't work, PLEASE let me know. i tried my best w/ the little time i had, so i know there must be a lot of bugs...